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Harris Homes LLC is a family run organization that operates in the DC/MD/VA area. We provide efficient real estate solutions to buyers and sellers. No matter your real estate ‘problem’, we will be sure to help you find a solution. We help sellers sell, buyers buy, and renters/landlords lease properties in the DC/MD/VA area. We personally invest in local markets, own primary residences here in the area, and were once renters in the area. We are a firm believer in real world experience being the best teacher. Help us help you make an informed buying or selling decision regarding your next real estate transaction. As a trusted member in the real estate market for over ten years, Harris Homes LLC has proven that we are capable of selling and buying homes ethically and efficiently.

NEIGHBORHOODS Our expert team takes pride in understanding you – the client - in order to identify houses and apartments that will be suitable for you. You can find data regarding many of the neighborhoods you may be interested in living in by visiting our Resources page. We profile neighborhoods such as Hamilton, Bethesda, Germantown, Perry Hall, White Marsh, Overlea, Owings Mills, and Rosedale.

RENTERS We also assist renters in finding comfortable, tenant accommodating residents in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Property owners are screened thoroughly to ensure their property meets our clients’ expected level of service and expectations. The same due diligence is performed when screening tenants for our landlords. You can also search for rentals using the property locator or give us a call to discuss your rental needs.

INVESTORS Harris Homes LLC provides investors with diverse real estate solutions to meet any investing criteria. We are investors as well so we know what a great deal looks like. If the property doesn’t meet our investment strategy we assign the purchase and sale contract to other investors at steep discounts. All properties are off market properties. You will not find our properties listed with an agent on the MLS. Join our buyer’s list to get notice of great deals as soon as they come across our desk.

SERVICE As a real estate solutions provider our #1 goal is to make sure our client understands all of his or her options. As a result the best and most logical decision can be made; a decision that you may have to live with for a very long time. Satisfaction is guaranteed if you entrust your real estate needs with a proven real estate solutions provider. We will be sure to deliver on our promise of transparent real estate solutions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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