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3 Simple Steps to Home Buying Process

The decision to buy a home can be easy to make, but it is the process that goes into it that usually stumps people. The typical age for a first time homebuyer is 31 years, while that of a repeated buyer is 53. Additionally, about 33% of the homebuyers in 2014 were first time home buyers. 12% of home buyers choose to read through online information before making a home purchase and 43% of the buyers made use of internet to search for homes as their first step. Keeping this view in mind, it would be a good decision for people to digest the process that is involved in the home buying process. This would save them the time and energy invested in making a purchase. (1)

The process can be shortened in three simple steps:

• Location scouting

• Housing market conditions

• Getting a mortgage

Choosing the location

The right location is probably one of the most crucial steps in buying a home. One of the first steps would be to do a comparative study of the different communities and neighborhoods, and find the one that is best suitable for the homebuyer. For example, a young family with school aged children would prefer to settle in a neighborhood with good schools, parks, zoos and other facilities, whereas a family with adult children or no children at all will have different preferences. See our Resources page to learn more about your new neighborhood.

Learning about the local housing market condition

The home buying process also involves learning about the local housing market conditions. To know about the market conditions about a particular community, one would have to seek the assistance of real estate professionals operating in the area. This would give the homeowner an idea of what appreciation he can expect with his area once he buys a home there. Viewing the market conditions would let him know what are the best areas and neighborhoods and whether buying a home would be the right decision compared to renting a home. We also suggest subscribing to your local politicians newsletters via email and sitting in on some community meetings.

Getting a mortgage

A competent real estate professional will be able to refer you to a decent mortgage company. We suggest doing your own research as well. A quick Google search will bring up tons of local mortgage companies in your area. The best way to find a reputable mortgage company is to talk to people you know that have recently bought homes and see what mortgage company they used. Ask about their experience. A mortgage professional will be able to inform you of the qualifications needed for a mortgage.

Going about these tasks with the help of a reliable real estate agent would make things easier. Harris Homes is a real estate company operating in DC/MD/VA area. Often good information doesn't come easy because you have to really search for it. But at, you get credible, relevant and updated information on home buying. If you need assistance while buying a home, visit us on the web or call us at 443.219.7465. Knowledge is power! See you at the top!

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